Po-up & Paper Engineering

Our track-record speaks for itself. BlueRed Press is a market leader in producing exquisite pop-up and paper-engineered books for customers that include some of the world’s leading publishers as well as licensees such as Pokémon and Star Trek.

From BlueRed Press you can expect the unexpected. Our unique and wonderful pop-up books have been reviewed in the New York Times and cover the mind-bending works of artists such as Salvador Dalí and M. C. Escher, as well as the architect Gaudí. BlueRed Press is also now diversifying into sliceform books, allowing readers to construct fantastic scale models from press-out pieces. Speak to us about your brand or any subjects you would like to see paper-engineered. No matter how complicated, our amazing creative team will find a way to bring it to eye-popping, three-dimensional life.